Company validation

Our system will allow companies to operate will total guarantee and security.

When buyer and seller perform an operation, they are rated to take part of our companies ranking. This evaluation will allow other companies to operate with guarantee and safety, because its trajectory is analyzed by our legal department and thus what the aim is to prevent future conflicts or failed operations.

In case of a non compliance of a certificated agreement, and if the affected accredits the incidence, our management department will notify the parts and requests the clarification and solution in a term. In the case of a company not complying, it will be penalized with a decrease on its rating.

The valuation input is AAA, if compliance is passed along to value various operations such as: AAAAA or AAAA if excellence in management. The incident would result in losses of letters with which it would drop to AA, with any incident and A in case of continuous breaches. When the offender solve the incidence recover the previous note.

Also will be reflected in points: To start 100 points,and if there isn´t any incidence in 30 opertatios you add 5 points. Incidents or defaults by either part, would lead the deduction of 10 points that would be reflected below points of compliance with the name of defaults. When the offender solve the incidence recover the previous note