Document certification

We certify comercial documents as part of your transactions

Both supplier and buyer, once registered on SURENESS's platform, receive a secret access code which provides access to a personal space where they can integrate their own PDF documents, faxes, emails, contracts, delivery notes, bills, transportation certificates, money transfers, letters of credit and every document needed to successfully perform a commercial transaction.

All of these documents will be certified and validated by our legal department, checking that both are identical and then forwarding verified sealed and dated copies, plus a certification document, allowing their printing.

Then, our department introduces these files on both companies' repositories, isolated on our own replicated servers to use in case of complaint or incidence.

Is it legally binding electronic certification accepted by the parts?

Yes, both Article 24 of the LSSICE, which refers to the Code of Civil Procedure, as the LEC itself, recognize electronically certified documents as evidence

And the SUPREME COURT recognize that in its order of March 21 2501/2013:

“Proctor court obtained an effective notice and demand telematically, with supporting electronic certificates of practicing it, issued by a certification service provider”

Finally, an electronical document certificated by SURENESS is a legitimate document proof in a trial, under general terms

  • If it´s not oppose, will constitute full proof
  • If its probative value is opposed, it will be valued in accordance with the principle of free conviction of the judge.