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Enjoy your business safely and avoid future problems in your contracts and commercial transactions. We certify your operation documents and ensure their custody.


Nowadays, globalization and internationalization of commercial relationships generates an increase of conflicts. Every day companies are making more and more business and operations through internet and e-commerce. This involves a vast amount of documents an electronic receipts between suppliers and clients which must be confidential, secured and guarded to be used in the future as proof of a particular operation or business, and must be available to review by the parts for relevant clarifications or conflict resolution in case of dispute or nonagreement.

There are mediation and arbitration agencies, but they only take action when the problem is already created. The biggest problems in international trade are: differences in product quality, deliveries after deadlines, lack of certificates, inability to collect letters of credit, etc. When we appeal to these agencies or to court, each part supplies different documents and this involves a dispute that prevents the achievement of a successful operation and, in many cases, a lack of necessary documentation to claim insurance compensation.

SURENESS is the leading international platform in the market for documentary certification, providing services that are recognized as quality standards for our customers.

We want to contribute to the society, new ways to ensure your bussiness, improving the relationship between people, bussiness and institutions, making this certification process in a daily occurence with the use of new technologies.


SURENESS is: the first certification of commercial documents ,our mission is to provide security, reliability, efficiency and profitability for enterprises, public authorities and individuals.

SURENESS has been created as a service to prevent this difficulties and assist both supplier and client achieving a successful performance on international trade operations, through the following services:

  1. Certification of every commercial document.
  2. Electronic Custody of supplier and client's files
  3. companies' rating based on compliance of registered trade agreements
  4. Mediation and Arbitration
  5. Arbitral awards (in case of being requested by both parts


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Whether you are a multinational, a small company or self, we provide the maximum guarantee of safety and effectiveness in our services and personalized attention for your company.

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